It Simmered All Night!

I usually don’t let a fresh pot of chili sit all night but I received the grocery delivery a bit late yesterday afternoon. I was keeping an eye on all of the ingredients on the kitchen counter every time I went in there for something. The temptation to cook was building!

Aww the heck with it! I’m not waiting until tomorrow morning to whip it up! This batch doesn’t taste wonky like the last one I dumped down the drain and is so damn spicy I can still taste it after I’m done! I am happy to have found all of the correct items too for delivery!

Fourteen photos in this set, in order.

13 thoughts on “It Simmered All Night!

    • I didn’t know that would remove the toot factor! That’s no fun though. My mom used Great Northern Beans for hers, which I had the darn recipe!


    • I sooo agree Annneli! This cooker is at least three years old and shows it’s been used well but works perfectly! It was really hot for a few hours, I set it down to Keep Warm for the night knowing it will still gently blend the ingredients. YUM!!


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