16 thoughts on “Jackrabbit

  1. John, I’m getting several “Page not found” notices when I click on the comment button in the email from you. Specifically “Budding toward the sky” and Desert Life and some others.. Don’t know if it is on my end or yours, but wanted to let you know.

    • Thanks guys, I have a problem when uploading now. The photo won’t render for whatever reason hence the post was taken down. Sorry. I’m trying to figure this out this morning, may have to contact WP. Sorry about this.Not your fault…

      • Not a problem, John. Just wanted to make sure you were aware there was a glitch thingy happening. Good luck with getting it resolved. Computer issues are frustrating for sure.

        • Here’s what I did – removed one Tracking blocker from Firefox. No matter the settings the thing is too aggressive when visiting blogs. I hope this will stop that. I use AdBlock Plus too.

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