6 thoughts on “A Lotta Work!

  1. Wow. You seriously hate them.

    I can’t subscribe to your view, this comes from 20+ years in lawn work and frequent use of Stihl blowers. No, not in a crowded environment such as here other down there but it’s about working smarter, not harder. I don’t think many people would take on that kind of filthy dirty work for two decades, you have to love the work. Leaf blowers run frequently in this neighborhood and nobody complains.

      • Oh, no, just the gas-powered blowers. What was that you were using … the Binford 2000? (Hint: Home Improvement reference.)

        • The electric blower is made by Kobalt, easily the most powerful electric blower I’ve ever had. Well worth the price tag! I did not want a gas blower as my property is far too small (gladly) for a gas blower. Then there’s the fact that it’s often 105-115 degrees in the garage in summer even when the smaller back door is open. And then that gas water heater! Not good… I don’t understand California…

          • The population is densely packed although not like New York City. So imagine it’s a warm day, you’ve got the window open to let in some fresh air, and your inconsiderate neighbor revs up the gas blower. The decibels are so loud that you jump out of your skin, can’t hear the TV, fumes and dust are wafting through your open window … well, that’s why they are banned in some communities.

            In the old days, they would push a broom, and bag the dirt and leaves. Now they just blow it into the air, and hope it falls on their neighbor’s property.

            On my bike rides, I’ll pass through neighborhoods where there are two or three blowers going, and I get blasted in the face with a cloud of dust and debris that irritates my eyes and lungs.

            Why don’t they sweep it up and dump it in a Hefty bag? Otherwise, they’re just blowing it in the air where it falls on a neighbor’s yard, or in a storm drain. So the next time it rains, the neighborhood floods because the storm drain is covered with leaves.

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