Return of The Squirrel

The Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel that is! These cuties appear to be Chipmunks but they are distinctly different as the ears suggest. They are so adorable scurrying about the desert floor looking for food or eating treats you toss to them. Probably not something humans should do but it happens all the time.

9 thoughts on “Return of The Squirrel

  1. They’re so cute! Lincoln and Della (my “pets”) really like sunflower seeds (not salted, of course). Do you ever think of feeding these ground squirrels anything? Not peanuts anyway – they’re not good for them.

    • Peanuts are what folks toss to them and they gobble them up! Why are they bad for them? Sunflower seeds, great idea!

      • Peanuts are legumes (like bean family); they’re not really nuts.
        Here’s what I found: Raw peanuts contain a carcinogenic called Aflatoxin, (a fungal toxin) which can cause liver damage in both birds and squirrels. They contain a trypsin inhibitor, which can prevent the pancreas from producing trypsin, which is an essential enzyme that is required to absorb proteins from other food sources.
        If you are planning to feed squirrels in the backyard, you want to avoid giving them raw peanuts.

        • Wow, thank you Annelli! Wonderful information. I will never feed these cuties another peanut! I assume the sunflower seeds are OK, and are readily available. That’s terrible, people are basically killing the squirrels with peanuts. 😞

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