13 thoughts on “The Peacock

  1. Wow! Great colors. Nice shots John. Too bad the place is no longer around. Looks like you revamped your blog since I last visited. Looks great! I love the new header and the background.


  2. They are such beautiful birds but loud as hell! We were at a park in Tampa looking over at the Hillsborough River and there were 3 of them screaming across the way. All I could think was I’m glad they are not my neighbors and I’m a bird lover! 🙂

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  3. They are gorgeous birds. The peacock that adopted us was taken away by animal control to a place with peacock hens. I’m sure he will be happy with the girls. Our neighbor didn’t like him and called animal control because he was going back and forth between our properties. I had no way to keep the peacock on our property, so animal control found the place with hens, and asked if they would take him before she came and got him. I had asked around with people who had peacocks out here, but they didn’t have them anymore, so we don’t know where he came from.

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