I believe this veggie health thing has far too much to do with our obesity epidemic today along with other factors. Of course there’s no doubt that veggies are healthy! The price for healthier food is just way too damn high, add to this the current scenario in our world where we are locked down yet the TV constantly tells us that we should be couch potato warriors and basically be fat, lazy couch potatoes ready and willing to gain body weight to further the American obesity epidemic agenda. And at what cost? The pockets of corporate America.

3 thoughts on “Ripoff

  1. Those packages are expensive and you still have to wash them to make sure they did. Buying lettuce, a tomato, and avocado is much cheaper and lasts a couple of salads.

    • Well… I’ll pass on the avocado but I agree! I stopped buying these things a while back. Such a ripoff… I had the comments off on this post all night, turned them back on this morning and here you are!

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