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  1. Air Quality Index (AQI) for Las Vegas, today, is 44. El Centro, 48. That’s the haze that you see in the skyline.

      • An AQI under 50 is actually good, but when you consider that Monroe, Michigan has a median AQI of “0”, well, it makes you think.

  2. When I think of Las Vegas I, probably like most people, think of casinos and bright lights but it looks, from your images, that it is also a sprawling metropolis. I can’t help wondering how many people who live inLas Vegas are involved in the entertainment business and what else goes on in Las Vegas. I think the business to be in is the slot machine maintenance business!!! A company I had dealings with some years ago installs highly sophisticated CCTV systems in casinos somewhere in Las Vegas. 100s of cameras keeping an eye out for people who cheat at cards and so on!

    • The casinos have about a million cameras inside them and outside Richard, I’m surprised the toilet stalls aren’t monitored! The Strip outside on the boulevard is crawling with cameras! If you fart, someone will know!

      Three of my neighbors work either on the strip and in casinos elsewhere in the valley, it’s a very service orientated job market here. And of course the mom and pop businesses and independent casinos run by private owners. Body shops, tattoo studios – all the usual stuff any large city has.

      Two million of us live here in a valley roughly 20×30 miles. Sprawling is a good way to describe what’s going on here, new homes are going up really fast, this city is growing very rapidly!

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