Big Desert, Big Sky

Seven years here and I still love the beautiful Mojave Desert, I’d miss this place if I went home…

16 thoughts on “Big Desert, Big Sky

  1. Love it! I miss the desert. That b/w or sepia toned (first photo) has an ominous feel to it. I could feel the breeze picking up and the darkening skies approaching with the smell of rain in the air. AWESOME!

  2. It may top 108 this week in the lower desert. You’re pretty much in lockdown all summer — living on watermelon and ice cream — and fighting for a spot in front of the air conditioner. You can’t go out in the evenings because of mosquitoes so errands must be done before 9 in the morning. And you better have a generator just in case the lights go out when the monsoonal storms come in August. But, hey, no place on earth tops desert weather in the winter.

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