The Itchy Burro

Or as I pronounce it, Burrah. This guy and others were grouped around the entrance sign for the now dead and gone Bonnie Springs Ranch. The last drive out that way the very large sign was still there. Why? You land developers suck!! But I don’t have an opinion… 😂😂

8 thoughts on “The Itchy Burro

  1. Looks like an itchy ass to me! Have the developers actually done anything besides close the ranch?

    • No, the last time I drove by the old sign was still up, the hotel was gone and that’s it. One building was still standing.

  2. So is it open range for the burros? Are they wild or are they owned by somebody? I’d think they might be a traffic hazard.

    • It’s completely open range, they are completely wild and I and others have quickly come upon them while driving Charleston Boulevard out there. They walk on the road and just stop in the middle! Duh…

    • Quite right, these people don’t give a shit about anything the numbers in their bank account…

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