20 thoughts on “The Buckhorn Cholla

  1. That’s a nice thorny shot. You don’t want to mess with cactus.

    • And I just finished pruning my Med Fan out front! I bled a bit… Nasty thorns but the tree is beautiful.

  2. Keep an eye on Wilson — tortoise love to eat cactus.

    Say, John … I cancelled the Premium Plan after one day just because. Anyway, WP says that you can maintain picture quality if you scale the photo when uploaded.

    I noticed that my photos upload at about 12mb (6000×4000), but when I scaled down to 12kb (200×150), I don’t see any difference. The scaling is supposed to maintain the detail.

    When you upload the image to the Media file, and before you insert, you’ll notice the scaling option in the right hand margin.

    Resizing before you upload supposedly degrades the picture.

    • I use 150-160kb for photos now. It’s amazing how much detail can be retained in such a small file size. This probably depends on the OS and other factors. Got to stop, writing on iPhone is messed up!

      • Downsizing my existing files has produced disastrous results causing me to delete entire posts.

        So I had this thought — why not use external cloud storage, and simply link the photos to my blog post?

        Doesn’t work … the image of the linked photo is stored in WP Media so you’re not saving space.

        There has got to be a solution.

        • I just resize the image in an app on the Mac down to 150-160kb, the quality goes down just very slightlu most of the time, works fine! Saves a ton of storage space.

      • I saw this comment on WP forums:

        “I don’t want to visit a blog with 4000×3000 pixel images showing only at 10% of their original size.”

        Therein lies my problem.

        • I resize to 1024×681 or various sizes close top that, then reduce the file size, no worries.

  3. It’s a very sneaky plant, dropping bits of it to start new plants. The spines are so sharp they will go through leather running shoes, as I found out when I tried to kick a “bit” out of my way. I won’t do that again!

    • OM Gosh. I’m sorry this happened to you Annelli! I’ve walked past these cacti with care a few times. πŸ˜‚πŸ€­πŸ™

  4. Great close up shot! Those cholla cacti are vicious, though. They literally will reach out and grab you. I know, been there!

    • Sorry about your battle! They are very nasty, walking the desert floor requires you to pay attention. πŸ’€

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