6 thoughts on “The Marshal’s Car

  1. Unless you go on a ride-along. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department juvenile intervention unit has a couple of hot Cameros with fancy paint jobs they use to wow at-risk kids.

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      • They drive their fancy squad cars to where kids hang out and hang out with the kids, and try to show the kids cops can be cool, also. The two officers I talked to who drive the cars are hot women. Hot cars, great looking officers, they have a lot going for them.

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        • That’s a wonderful idea! Honestly, I get angry when hearing anyone in person or on the tube say ‘fuck the police’. Pardon my words but it really cranks me off. Anarchist bastards… About a month or so ago I walked up to two officers filling their squad car at a local station for the sole purpose of thanking these officers. They sincerely appreciated that! Cops are not the bad guys, kids!!

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