The Huge U.S. Map

As you can see I didn’t get the entire map in the frame with the iPhone, I may not have had enough room to back up for the entire map which is located inside the Harley Davidson sales and service place on the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s almost directly across from our world famous Las Vegas sign where the tourists stand in line for what seems an inordinate amount of time for a few seconds of photos. Silly tourists!

6 thoughts on “The Huge U.S. Map

  1. Those of us who live on tiny islands forget just how huge the United States is. For most people in the UK, if we drive a couple of hours in any direction, we end up in the sea!!

  2. Cool map. It shows the Continental Divide west of Albuquerque. We have hiked on the Continental Divide north and west of Albuquerque, out where the dinosaurs used to roam.

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