Frozen Veggies with Cream Of Chicken Soup

Welcome once again to bachelor cooking! As a kid I always loved cream of chicken soup, the soup love continues today for me in making this stupid simple dish on the range top. This time it’s mixed frozen veggies, other times it’s just broccoli florets but in any case it’s darn simple to whip up and so delicious after you’ve had couple brews. I forgot a photo of the finished dish!

5 thoughts on “Frozen Veggies with Cream Of Chicken Soup

  1. Mom’s recipe would include all of that plus egg noodles which she would bake in the oven — cream of chicken casserole,

      • Another of her favorite casseroles was just as easy and quite delicious. Simply layer corn tortillas, cheese, and tomato sauce (as many layers as you desire). For the meat lover, add cooked ground beef, or shredded chicken and bake for 45-minutes at 350-375.

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