My Med Fan (second photo) as I call them was pruned yesterday by yours truly, the two Mexican Fan Palms and the African Sumac in the backyard are to be pruned July second per my call to my tree service for the appointment today.

The palms must be pruned both for shape and to remove the stalk that produces the seeds each summer. Trust me, these palm trees grow quickly and will drop seedlings prolifically! They are classified as a nuisance tree in some communities.

Pruning the Med Fan yesterday, I took one good hook from a thorn which is amazing as there must be a thousand of them! And you must crawl into the tree too to get at the base of the frond to clip it off. Home ownership is fun!

6 thoughts on “Pruned

    • No biggie, Anneli, they just need this TLC once per year. On a side note, I just called our trash collection company here about the ridiculous line of, and puddles of, hydraulic fluid the truck lost on the road! I told the nice man on the phone “shame on your mechanics” for letting this truck out of the yard. Grrr!

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