12 thoughts on “Atop The Barrel Cactus

  1. It’s interesting to compare your desert images from Nevada with Kenne Turner’s desert images from Tuscon. In my neck of the woods (desert), Ocotillo and California Barrel are the most common cacti.

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      • The geography is fascinating though not fully appreciated. Las Vegas, for example, is located in the Mojave Desert while Tuscon (and my hometown, El Centro) are located in the Sonoran Desert — yet El Centro looks nothing like Tuscon mostly because of the elevation. (When people think of the desert, they probably don’t consider that there is a high desert and a low desert.)

        Then there are the subdeserts. The Colorado Desert (where El Centro lies) is a subdesert of the Sonoran. That really confuses people because El Centro is located in California!

        Actually, it is so-named because of the Colorado River that supplies our water. If you want to get really technical, El Centro lies in a subdivision of the subdesert designated the Salton Trough (for the Salton Sea).

        People would really be surprised to know all of the feature films, television series, and commercials that have been filmed in the El Centro desert.

        An interesting fun fact is this:

        Which state is home to all four American deserts?

        The Mojave, Sonoran, Great Basin, and Chihuahuan all lie within the boundaries of … Arizona.

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