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Just a couple random shots from a couple days ago. It’s a darn good thing that I am one of those Home Bodies as we are sometimes called because staying home this much isn’t that different from my usual routine.

But it’s still a bit too much. Like today when I want to just go to the grocer to restock several items but can order them online for delivery. It’s better to pick the items yourself of course than working with a stranger who texts you to say the items you want are out of stock. A hassle.

Enough rant…

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    • Be safe! I had groceries delivered yesterday. Got lucky again that they were delivered.

      • People are so stupid. People can’t follow the simple one-way directions. I was astonished at the people without masks and bringing their little kids into the store. WTF? We won’t ever get over this crap! Sorry I’m venting!

        • That’s quite alright Lisa! I understand your anger. I don’t wear a mask at home when outside, there’s basically no one close by but if I am going into a store, hell yes I am masked! Stupid parents may be responsible for the death of their own children. That’s a terrible thing for me to say but I believe it’s accurate.

          • We only wear a mask when shopping for groceries. No need to when birding cause there is almost no one around or way in the distance. We are still not going to the beach or state parks. The beaches have been open for few weeks & the state parks just opened on Monday. I think there is going to be serious relapse in the next few weeks. It’s like business as usual. Crazy crap!

  1. John, here’s the deal, I did the grocery delivery thing and had mixed feelings. Instacart gave me a 7-day delivery window. (Amazon Fresh had the same delay.) Okay, I can’t wait seven days. I need food … now! In normal times, you can expect 2-hour delivery, but we are not living in normal times.

    Do I just sit on the sofa for a week waiting for my groceries to be delivered? I mean, I can’t leave my home — even for a walk — lest the groceries be delivered and someone steals them, or the perishables spoil.

    But I desperately needed supplies so I placed the order and waited … and waited … I was freakin’ losing my mind … my body needed physical activity … geez-louise! … maybe I’ll cancel the order.

    Then, on the evening of the 5th day, as I was about to go to bed, I went online to check the status of my order.

    Son-of-a-b—-! The shopper had just completed my order and was 5-minutes from my home.

    What? No phone call? No communication? You just show up at the front door? So I threw on some clothes and waited for the knock.

    Alright, the shopper was wearing a mask and gloves, but I had specifically requested contactless delivery. Call me on the phone, leave the groceries at the front door, ring the bell, and walk away.

    But, no-ooooo! The shopper handed me the groceries … and was coughing! Whoa … back up the truck sister … pack up the groceries … and remove yourself from these premises — post haste.

    Dang it, the cupboards were bare so I had to accept delivery.

    Even if the shopper has no symptoms, they could be infected, and now they have shed the virus onto your groceries.

    I will say that the shopper did a great job at filling my order. Even the substitutions were more than satisfactory. The produce was Grade A, but I didn’t know that organic — which costs more — was the default option.

    All-in-all, I prefer to do my own shopping.

    • I’m sorry you’ve had such difficulty with delivery, my sister in Michigan had the same issue so she does her own shopping. I’ve had delivery twice now, ordered food again this morning and hoping it shows up again today. I too prefer to do this myself…

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