These iPhone photos were taken yesterday while walking between the pharmacy and the party store. They are great looking flowers of course yet I strongly dislike them. Why?

They are poisonous to pets, and I am sick of pruning these damn things away from my side of the lot line in the backyard. The neighbour is being a lazy jerk who doesn’t know that these are bushes, not trees that have grown to fifteen or so foot tall.

Wake up buddy, get a damn clue about home maintenance!

2 thoughts on “Oleanders

  1. Oleanders seem to get up your dander. I mentioned them to Laurie and she got pretty riled up calling them lowlife trash plants. They won’t grow out here.

    • Your wife is wise, Timothy. Trash indeed and I wish they didn’t grow like the weeds they are here and in Caly. Was just in the backyard, it’s hard to ignore those damn things. 🤬

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