A Mojave Desert Storm

Here are three old photos from I don’t know when! Perhaps three years ago but one was taken at the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Overlook, the other in Calico Basin. The third image I don’t know where that one was taken. Rain and thunderstorms in the desert are beautiful to behold.

17 thoughts on “A Mojave Desert Storm

    • Me too! These come mostly during the monsoon season, mid to late summer. It can rain in winter too though, then the mountains around us have snow caps.

    • There sure was, the rain sails are seen in the first photo above the top of the escarpment. 😎

    • Thank you Sandra! I am digging deep into the archives but it’s been fun. All is well in my little home, when this passes I am on a big jet plane for home. Family time!

  1. The first photo is phenomenal. Perfect lighting. The other two are super.

    • Thank you Anneli!! I’m glad you like these. I wonder what they would look like if I had the new Nikon Z6 at that time…

    • That’s about the same time Las Vegas gets it but it seems to me that we don’t get hit as hard as you would. Much closer to the Pacific…

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