The Fault Line

I tried to find very specific information on this fault line with no success, sorry about this but I am 100% sure that this escarpment is an ancient fault line. I’d like to know it’s last movement.

I did find information on known fault lines that are actually within the city of Las Vegas though, some are rather close to my location! Nevada is very high on the list of states with the most fault lines and the most active ones.

This has me wondering if Michigan is a safer place to live!

10 thoughts on “The Fault Line

    • I totally agree. The evidence is overwhelming about that giant crater. Itโ€™s erupted so many times over millions of years. Itโ€™s overdue now according to current studies on it. Scary shit man…

  1. John you should be able to see any faults clearly marked on a geologic map. You should be able to see USGS maps at UNLV Geology Department. (if anybody is still at the campus)

  2. I can almost understand you, decision is yours of course. Stay in safe, Love, nia

  3. I didn’t know about these faults, but just a little search it seems that Michigan much more safety than Nevada… ฤฐn Michigan, M 4.6 seems the last one, but it seems that Nevada earthquakes M 6.0 usually…Like ฤฐstanbul and around… Why did you think of this now dear John? Coronavirus and earthquakes… Everything makes me afraid and worried… I hope you are in safe dear John, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia, it’s so nice to see you here! There is no question about the safety of living in Michigan as opposed to Nevada and it’s many earthquake zones. I have considered returning home to Michigan but haven’t made the decision as I would really miss this city and the beautiful Mojave Desert. Be well my friend! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

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