The Big Cholla

A Buckhorn Cholla that is! This photo was taken between Charleston Boulevard and the Red Rock Escarpment which is a fault line. My best guess about the distance between the road and the base of the mountains is about one mile. I was able to hike it once about two or so years ago. That’s a very long hike for a guy with a compromised back! Don’t give up, you can do it!!

I also have a compromised heart which is why I have had a Life Alert account for two or more years as a safety precaution. You wear the mobile unit clipped to you somewhere or in the pocket. It’s very small but is actually a satellite transceiver, does not link to the cell system so it works anywhere and has full duplex conversation capability like your phone. Peace of mind.

10 thoughts on “The Big Cholla

    • Thanks Donna! If you guys visit Vegas, I’ll take you wherever in the desert. there’s more to see than the glamour of the Strip!

  1. If it had a bandana it could be a Chola! “¡EEEeee¡ ¡Qué pasa, Ese¡ Do you like my stickers?” (I know you love Spanish!). All funning aside, it’s a wonderful photo.

    • Thanks Timothy! I don’t dislike the language itself, for me it’s constantly hearing Spanish. Our national language is of course English. At this point I’ll stop.

      • The US does not have an official language and that is actually very good, because it keeps American English a living and vibrant language, easy to make up words, and easy to absorb words. And especially, no stuffy official language academy.

        That’s why there are over a million words in American English. As compared to Greek, for example, with about 600,000 words. Offical Spain Spanish has around 80,000 words and world Spanish around 200,000. All other languages pale compared to English. English is the Internation business language, and pretty much the International academic language: when we go to International conferences they are always conducted in English, even in France.

        • Sorry but I must disagree. Many of us here including myself trace their DNA back to the United Kingdom, and possibly later. Those arriving here after the King taxed them out of England spoke our English. It is our official language by default in my opinion. Also, our American English isn’t proper English again in my view.

          • As a linguist, I can tell you there is no proper English. If you want proper English you have to go back to Old English before 1066, and actually earlier than that there was a lot of Latin absorbed into Old English. After 1066 a very large proportion of what you think of as “proper” English is French. By the time our ancestors came to America, there were lots of words from other languages absorbed into English. That’s the great thing about English. BTW, even though English is considered a Germanic language, it’s only about 25% Germanic.

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