Rollin’ Me Down The Highway

Nevada Love, Desert Love! Two photos from a couple years ago. I called my dad up in Michigan this morning, haven’t talked with him for a week or so. We talked about many things including how the weather has been so cold and snowy for May, that’s just nuts!

I mentioned that I have considered moving back to Michigan at some point to which he replied that I have a wonderful climate here in Las Vegas, stay there! Yep, it’s damn nice dad! But dad, I did grow up with a snowmobile under my butt!! Fact is, I can’t tolerate the cold so well these days, I am a bit chilly when the temperature falls to the sixties! Better stay put eh?

4 thoughts on “Rollin’ Me Down The Highway

  1. I’m surprised your dad didn’t encourage you to move closer to him. I am sure he is getting older and you can always return here, later.

    • A valid point. My sister is nearby as are my children. There are plenty more family in the state too. As soon as it’s OK to fly I’m heading up for a few days as I usually do in the summer months.

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