Those Lovely Apartment Days…

Now here’s a lovely photo! My apartment was obviously right next to an enclosure of trash bins which was a constant source of anger. I was at the office fairly often complaining about this bullshit, complete with photos like this one. I saw ‘dumpster divers’ (I so dislike that word dumpster) and also a young woman was raped in that enclosure.

How the hell I didn’t hear that is beyond me. Apartment life was hell, I’m sure it still is. Sadly I suspect that because of this terrible virus, many people will lose their homes and end up in an apartment. Sad. Be thankful for your house if you have one, I surely love and take excellent care of my home where I decide what happens, not a management team!

12 thoughts on “Those Lovely Apartment Days…

    • Ummm yes it is. I signed all the many documents in the purchasing process. The HOA does NOT own my home. My responsibility to the HOA stops at keeping the front of the home looking nice, and not being a shitty neighbour which there are two of them on my street. They (HOA) have zero say in the backyard.

  1. That’s a lovely mess. The building behind our office has subsidized apartments. The large item bin often looks similar to your photo. It’s amazing the large amounts of stuff people in apartments throw out.

    • It’s so gross isn’t it… It seems to happen more at the start and end of each month as people move in and out. I was in that main office too many times really pissed off.

      • The most apartment living that I’ve done is when we lived in Spain. People put old funiture on the street and it didn’t last long. Neighbors liked to fight with each other. It was like a sport fighting with neighbors.

  2. Over the years I’ve noticed that many apt. complexes do not have enough trash disposal space designed for the complex. It’s easy to cut out another trash container area during planning or construction to cut costs.

    • I totally agree! Of course there are other enclosures but they are just too damn small for the number of residences in there. I rented that place in a big hurry as it was the time of my third divorce, had to get my own place quickly. I obviously didn’t see the enclosure as an issue at that time. Dang it… Almost every time I drive by that place I’ll flip it off. Stupid I know but… 😖

    • It was hell. I was so happy to get out of that dump! I sooo appreciate the house I own today Anneli!

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