8 thoughts on “Fifteen Blades

  1. Roll 15 blades what do you get? A little bit bent and a dead Bonnie Springs Ranch! You got a cool photo and a record of one day on the ranch.

    • LOL, thanks Timothy! Sorry man, I’m still on about that place being gone obviously. Gotta somewhere else to get pho like this. Once this situation is over I want to take a ride northwest to Death Valley. It’s been a long time. Also the Valley Of Fire. Maybe there are some places along the way where I can find photos like this and more.

      • Make you way over to the Salton Sea. There’s a lot of weird stuff around that area.

        • I’ve seen the area once, that was enough. I can’t find a rational explanation for why Sacramento and Mexico can’t find common ground. Politics have stomped out Common Sense…

          • There are lots of weird ruins and places people still live. I want to go back and spend more time exploring the weirdnesses.

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