3 thoughts on “Slow Cooked

  1. This is great, I wished to find it in here too. When I want to cook beans, I put them in a water and let them stay one night. Next morning I boil them at first but very short, when I see the colour change I take them and I strain them. Then I put olive oil in a pot and add onions. While they are frying, I add a little sugar with teaspoon. Then I add tomates, potatoes cutten like, and tomato paste (tablespoon) and now I add beans then I add all spices what you like, of course salt too, but I also add a few drops lemon if you have it could be orange too… Then I cook them all….The last addition for me is to sprinkle some dried mint… actually I have steamer pot but not using. The taste is better in this way… To cook slowly is great actually for taste… Anyway, Thank you, Bon Appetit! Love, nia


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