On The Border

Welcome home to Nevada! Some of you may be aware that a magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattle west-central Nevada around four AM this morning. I was sleeping and felt nothing, the epicentre was near Tonopah, Nevada which is a long way from Las Vegas. My home was not affected either, great news. I was awoken by my phone which was muted yet the vibrations from the phone woke me. My father and sister were calling from Michigan to find out if I am OK.

16 thoughts on “On The Border

  1. “Close to the borderline”? A “Whole lotta shakin’ going on” you didn’t feel? Rockin’ and a rollin’ in Tonopah? Maybe some new nuclear testing they are calling an earthquake? Questions, questions, questions!

    • I was in dream land so felt nothing enough to wake me aside of calls from family in Michigan that awoke me… At barely 5AM…

    • Yes, I may have been returning home from Death Valley, or just a ride over the pass to Pahrump…

  2. I saw the report late last night and thought of you right away. Were there any reports in Las Vegas of people feeling the quake?

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