4 thoughts on “Dead Deere

  1. That’s been a nice tractor in its day. The gas tank is usually under the hood, while the battery is under the seat. You can also see the spring loaded engine “safety” cut off button under the seat. When properly installed, the engine stops when the operator gets up from the seat. Did they just walk away from that Bonnie Springs Ranch place?

    • Oh man, I forgot about the spring seat. Annoying as it’s a dang lawnmower, I should know. The property was sold a year or more ago to land developers. Not sure what the acreage is but I expect it’s not a small parcel. The hotel is gone and…

    • Haha good one, Richard! Most of the small John Deere tractors have that tilt seat. The fuel tank may be under the seat. I owned a John Deere 426 series years ago, a big V Twin engine spinning a 60 inch deck with three blades.

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