Mexican Fast Food

This is an older photo from about four years ago, taken along Las Vegas Boulevard near the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip. That Bonanza gift shop is still there today with its 99 cent souvenirs. Would you like to have a 99 cent souvenir? I didn’t think so but I’ll try some food.

8 thoughts on “Mexican Fast Food

  1. I might have added in the original comment that the immigrants from Lebanon were sheep herders thus the name “pastor” which means shepherd in Spanish.

  2. The best (tacos al) pastor in the world? Named after the Lebanese immigrants who introduced lamb shawarma to the central states of Mexico. In Lebanon, they shave thin slices of lamb and wrap it in pita bread. It became popular around Mexico City, but with a twist. Instead of lamb and pita bread, they wrap thin slices of spit-roasted pork in a tortilla. You might want to try shawarma at one of the several Mediterranean restaurants in Las Vegas.

  3. OK, I’ll bite…..The signs say Best Pastor. Pastor means what? Is that a kind of food item, as opposed to a preacher? I’d take a good quality 99 cent fridge magnet.

    • I can stop by there, see what they have if open! Dave’s comment in this thread explains what pastor means in this image. Thanks, Dave!

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