6 thoughts on “Plain and Simple

  1. No green chile or cheese? You should try it. There’s not much better than a green chile cheeseburger.

    • I have chili in the fridge from about three days ago, a good idea! Didn’t think of it obviously. Sodium content is a big factor, I used salt-free Mrs. Dash and a pinch of chili powder. The chili would add lots of sodium… Hello blood pressure medication!

      • Green chile is a vegetable. Like a spicy bell pepper. There are Anaheim green chiles which are about as hot as a bell pepper and Poblanos that have a little bit of heat, but nothing like New Mexico green chiles. You might be able to get frozen roasted green chiles at Walmart or equivalent. Costco might have the 505 Hatch green chile in a jar. It’s really good. If not you should be able to get Beuno canned green chiles.

        • Wow thanks, Timothy! You know your veggies. I didn’t know that. My neighbor was showing me the progress of his different varieties of peppers he and his wife grow in their backyard. Next run to the grocery I’ll look for these.

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