The Oleanders

This flower I do know! I’ve mentioned before recently that I do not like these damn flowers as they are toxic to pets, and make a hell of a mess in my backyard when the flowers finally croak.

Gladly, my neighbor very recently cut them down along our common border, or block wall actually as that is what we use here instead of chain fences. I’m so grateful that I let him use my rubbish bin to help him get that crap out of his backyard that much faster! Thank you, neighbor!

5 thoughts on “The Oleanders

    • A good way to put it! Chatted with a different neighbor a bit ago, he noticed those things were gone. I’ve got a Privit tree and an African Sumac in the back that will come down in July. Yay. That tree is classified as a weed in some areas, so why were they planted here in 96′ when this HOA was built!

  1. Beautiful photo of your hated flowers. Do you know the song “My Old School” by Steely Dan? There’s a line “Oleanders growing outside her door”. That might have something to do with her being so cruel.

    • Oh yeah, Timothy. That’s an old fav of mine! Hate is a strong word, Strongly Dislike works.

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