Stuff Your Block Editor!

This morning my Admin panel informed me that WordPress is now going to shove that stupid block editor down my throat and yours too. Bullchit. I tried it when it was released about eighteen months ago, no thank you! There is nothing wrong with the Legacy editor.

After reviewing the description, we do have the option to opt-out which honestly amazes me. That WordPress could be so kind! Who’d a thunk? I still stand by my statement that the strong sense of community here is the only thing keeping me on

10 thoughts on “Stuff Your Block Editor!

  1. I just recently re-joined with a new blog after having posted nothing since 2016. The block editor frustrates me but it does make some layout things that I had tried to do before, a bit easier like having two or three columns of text in a magazine style. – I do like that you can still access the full classic editor though because there are just some things the block does in a really clunky fashion.

  2. John, you’re making me happier to have pulled my own site out of WordPress! Not that the alternative I chose has been easy. And you’re right, the community is somewhat less cohesive on the outside.

    • I don’t understand how your move works at all, Curt. If I were to go self-hosted it would be different because of the many plugins but I don’t want that again. There are other platforms out there but none like this one so I’m very frustrated and stuck!

    • And I believe it would too! I’ve had live chats with those WP ‘happiness engineers’ before about things, they just brush me off…

  3. LOL….I too, John, have opted to not use the block editor. I tried it when it first showed up, and did not really like it. I would not have been at all pleased if I did not have the option of using or not.

    • Good! I will never understand why these people don’t apparently get a feel for what the users here want. I’ve almost moved away from WP several times over the years but this editor thing really grinds my gears. If we didn’t have that option, it may have finally drove me away to a different platform.

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