Mojave Desert Travel

These older Nikon photos are not too sharp which I seriously don’t like, not my style. I expect more of my photos today. Looking back at my photography with the good old Nikon D3300 I can see now how fuzzy they are compared to the new Nikon Z6 series with no mirror.

Live and learn

I’m really looking forward to the days ahead when I can safely get back to my sometimes daily drives around Las Vegas or in the open desert as I call it. A day run down to Laughlin and Needles. A day run to Death Valley. The Valley of Fire, or perhaps north to Tonopah. Let’s roll!

8 thoughts on “Mojave Desert Travel

  1. My mistake … I meant the 70-200mm zoom lens for the Z6 Nikon, but the lens I mentioned will not fit the Z6. Neither the Nikon f/2.8 (E), or f/2.8 (G) will mount on the mirrorless Z6.

    The Nikon NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S — for the mirrorless Z6 — will be released on June 30th. The lens I mentioned will fit your D3300. Sorry for the confusion.

      • John, I believe that Nikon officially announced the Z-lens in January, but it won’t be for sale in the U.S. until June 30th. All of the reviews that I see are for the pre-production model.

        Retailers are accepting pre-orders, but the lens won’t ship until the release date.

        The f/2.8 (E) lens that I mentioned will fit your Z6 with the FTZ Mount Adapter ($250), but it won’t perform the same. You’d be very disappointed so I didn’t bother to mention the adapter.

        The Z lens will give you 5-Axis stabilization at up to 5.5 stops compared to the E lens with 3-Axis up to 4 stops.

        When you add an adapter, or extender it tends to disable some of the camera’s features.

        I was at the Osprey nest for four hours this morning and most of the shots are unusable. I may have to spend the money to get the necessary lens, but the different options are too confusing. I can’t afford to make the wrong purchase.

        • Good camera equipment is too expensive really but needed if you can pull it off. No adapters for me…

  2. I know what you mean about posting fuzzy photos, but I’m not going to spend thousands of dollars for a lens that produces a crisper image and doesn’t get as close as my bridge camera.

    • That’s strictly your decision, David. I have a tiny Sony mirrorless pocket camera that does a great job but rarely use it. They and phone cameras have a ways to go yet to catch up with the full-body cameras. I need the 70-200mm zoom lens for this Z6 Nikon to complet the set.

      • Which series is that, E or G? There’s a store in Maine called Abe’s of Maine that sells factory fresh imported products for a lot less money.

        The Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR Lens is on sale for $1,729 marked down from their list price of $2,797.

        I thought about purchasing a Canon lens, but not before doing some research. It seems that Abe’s is not a Factory Authorized Dealer.

        The mark-up on products sold in the United States is almost criminal so what Abe’s does is import the identical products from countries that sell them for less money.

        As a result, manufacturers have decertified Abe’s and will not honor warranties on imported products.

        Customers have complained that Abe’s will call them to try and upgrade their purchase to the more expensive U.S. model, or they later discover that the manufacturer won’t honor the warranty of a product that was packaged for sale in another country.

        I have to decide if it’s worth saving $1,000 to purchase the imported model. Maybe?

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