The Old Shooting Gallery

Here are a couple more iPhone photos from the defunct Bonnie Springs Ranch. It’s kind of funny that I never noticed the No Photography sign over the bar until today! How did I miss it?


13 thoughts on “The Old Shooting Gallery

    • Not close, it’s several miles southwest of the house. Outside the city actually. It’s all gone now, the property was purchased by greedy land developers. 😑😝😡

    • I understand, Richard. I hope the UK will reclaim it’s right to bear arms. There’s a gun shop not too far from me that can sell me a gun… We love our guns. I currently own zero guns but had a concealed carry permit back home. Perhaps that has something to do with the No Photos sign that I didn’t see? A Fare is what you pay for a ticket and such… It’s spelt Fair in that sense here.

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