Welcome to my pharmacy. Daily I take several blood pressure pills along with other medications for other things, this pile of pills is mostly for blood pressure but as you can see here I haven’t always needed my evening or late night pills much of late. Thank God for this! The less you need, all the better for the body I say. I hope you’ll never need any of these pills!

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  1. Wishing you a long, healthy life! Be careful and watch for drug interactions, John, especially with prescriptions from different doctors, who are busy and don’t always take the time to look at other meds their patients are on. My mother was tripped up by that. Clearance by the liver takes longer the older we get.

    • Thanks so much, Lavinia! I’ve been taking these same meds for a long time so no worries on the drug interactions. If I am concerned about that I will ask the doctor in the office before leaving. I hope mom was OK!

      • She became incoherent, collapsed, broke a shoulder. Her blood levels of the various drugs were far above normal. The ER cardiologist put her on a “medication holiday” for a while so she could detoxify. None of her regular doctors were watching the situation. None of them apologized.

  2. Of course I understand you dear John, just don’t forget or mix… Sometimes I make wrong even I take only two!

  3. Do you monitor your BP to determine the daily intake of your pills? Sorry, I can’t tell from the image about your dosage requirements. Just make sure you’re following your doc’s orders.

    • Oh yes indeed I stringently follow my doctor’s directions! Some are taken three times per day while others are just once or twice. I have no problem keeping the doses in order. I just finished refilling the seven-day pill bin actually. I need a new bottle of fish oil though! It sucks but it’s so needed…

        • I never taste the oil and it has along with a medication, reduced my bad cholesterol significantly. Great stuff!

  4. all of them yours and taking everyday? I have problem with pharmacy/or chemical things… a kind of allergy! but something psychological so it is not being easy to take anything… Right now I take two pills one in the morning, one in the evening… But it was to hard to get them and to get used to them… Anyway, photographically nice, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia, I take several medications, some I need more of than others. Some are three times per day, others are just once. It’s not good but needed.

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