Quickie Trip

A bit ago I headed out for some needed supplies. Along the way, I took a different route to my destination via a local park where I was amazed to see the park full of people enjoying what is truly a beautiful day here. What shocked me though were the two separate playground areas packed full of children! And zero masks in sight. Wow. I darn well wore my mask into the store!

4 thoughts on “Quickie Trip

  1. Worry not, the UK Prime Minister’s senior adviser is showing us how to do it. Just ignore the rules and all the laws and things will be fine. Just when you think could not get more bizarre in the UK, things get dramatically worse. I think I must be hallucinating!

  2. I think it’s smart to continue wearing the mask. What is not being told is that the COVID virus thrives in oral mucous so when a person speaks it jettisons viral droplets into the air at a distance of 13-feet, and for as long as 13-minutes. Social distancing at 6-feet is not going to protect you when the virus can stay suspended in the air for twice that distance. I’m not going to a restaurant until they move the tables at least 14-feet apart!

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