Two Breakfasts

I admit it. I’m a guy who takes photos of his food in restaurants for which I’ve received several funny looks. Too bad my fellow diner, I’m addicted to photography! Deal with it… It helps keeps me sane, more so in today’s environment! These two photos were taken here in my home whilst in full couch potato mode, obviously I forget about photos I take with the iPhone. Yummy!

6 thoughts on “Two Breakfasts

  1. There are vloggers on YouTube who have made a career doing food reviews either home meals or restaurants. Might that be your thing? As Emeril would say, “Bam!!! Kick it up a notch,” and start doing video reviews. Your first episode could be the famous chili. People love watching this stuff. And restaurants would probably give you a free meal in exchange for a review. A new career awaits …

    • Hi David, thanks for the nice comment! I don’t use Youtube these days, I’m not sure anyone would want to watch me make chili at home or restaurant reviews. I wouldn’t know where to begin!

      • You could post the videos on Vimeo. Believe me, foodies love watching this content.

        YouTubers that I follow have been posting home kitchen vlogs during the lockdown. One has been visiting hole-in-the-wall restaurants that have started serving walk-up customers. Yesterday, he bought lunch at the original Wienerschnitzel in L.A., and his video already has over 42k views. Forty-two thousand people watching a guy eat a hot dog. It’s crazy!

        I would watch you make chili in the kitchen. Do you have a tripod? That way you could set up the different shots for preparation, cooking, serving and eating.

        Then people will start asking for your chili so you’ll have to can it. The sky’s the limit!

        • My videos are now hosted on Vimeo, thank you, WordPress. Morons. There are positives and negatives to hosting video on WP. That’s not something I’m likely to do, David, photography is my focus.

  2. at the end we all become a camere 🙂 You start to see everything with photographical eyes… This is good or not I am not sure… But it makes me happy… I loved your photographs… Thank you, Stay in safe dear John, be careful. Coronavirus in there makes me worried… Love, nia

    • Thank you, Nia! Be safe too. I started seeing possible photos everywhere a long time ago, it’s not a bad thing because this addiction will never make you sick! 🥰

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