Double My Heat!

Some like it hot, some not. It’s really hot outside today to the point that I will wait until dark or until the morning to attempt to reconnect my garden hose in the backyard. The damn threads have all but been stripped by previous owners of the home, hence I may have to have a plumber out to replace it since I’m not good with that stuff.

It doesn’t help either that the wall may need to be cut out around the pipe as the spigot is at the wall. That was a stupid move by someone many years ago. Why not change the other spigot too? At least it isn’t buried in the stucco!

Anyway, this pot of chili isn’t as hot as the previous pot I made but it will leave your mouth burning for a couple of minutes when you are done! Friday is supposed to be as hot as today, then a cooling trend into the nineties!!

6 thoughts on “Double My Heat!

  1. Damn! 104 and trending higher??? That is hot, my friend, even for a dry desert heat. (I remember working in 110+ when I lived in Tucson)

    • Wow, 110! Now it’s back to 105 just now. I had a brief walk to the backyard, booted some dead leaves from the faux grass, and went back inside. I worked at a U Haul here a few years ago that had no actual AC, just those stupid swamp coolers that don’t do much. Not pleasant, I should have made better money for working in that kind of heat…

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