The Vanishing Road

This photo started in color, after playing with it in the HDR app I couldn’t get the look I have in my head. OK then, grayscale it will be. Nearer to the bluff many miles west is the fifteen freeway, or Interstate 15 which runs north-south. Go south, hello Las Vegas! Go north, Reno!

I was on the way home from the Valley Of Fire. To arrive at this view, you must go through several tight and sweeping curves that are fun to drive even in a truck. The road just vanishes…

10 thoughts on “The Vanishing Road

  1. Very effective editing John and I love the perspective. I can almost feel the turning of the vehicle on the road. Hope this Friday finds you safe and well.

    • Thanks so much, Timothy! Since moving to Nevada, I am endlessly fascinated with this desert.

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