It sucks to see the new Nikon Z6 on the coffee table day after day.

I’m threatening myself to get in the truck and head out! Maybe there’s nothing to worry about just riding around in my truck and not going into stores as I’m only on a ‘photo hunt’ as I sometimes call them. A ride to the other side of the Spring Mountains to Pahrump sounds nice. This photo was taken a week or two back with my tiny Sony RX-100 pocket camera…

4 thoughts on “Dry-Docked

    • I remember your posts on your young man driving you two around, nice! I am so bored, want to drive into the mountains and into the desert west of the city. Perhaps tommorow?!!

  1. I don’t think there is much of anything to worry about driving in your truck. Especially once you get out to the wide-open desert.

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