The Sorta Sunset

A sorta kinda a sunset from yesterday eve, maybe tonight will offer up something more flashy. Our weather will be just a bit cooler today with 98F instead of 105 yesterday, I can feel the difference. After getting out of bed, I usually step outside to get a sense of the weather. This morning was another fabulous morning with a soft gentle breeze and a perfect temperature.

4 thoughts on “The Sorta Sunset

    • Hi Anneli, I can feel the slight difference between the current 98 and the 105+ yesterday. The summer heat is certainly here about one month early this year! When the summer heat goes away in September, I always feel cold when it’s about 70 and below.

    • It was around 105F when the photos were taken in my backyard, 98 for today. I’m enjoying your latest boat photos today, Richard. 🇬🇧

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