20 thoughts on “You Can Opt-Out

  1. This is good information – thank you! I never use the admin page, but I found it and bookmarked it to use in case that’s my only option. I hope this all works out for you to continue blogging. It is really aggravating though in the meantime.

    • I’m guessing you too don’t want a thing to do with the Block? WP is so stupid these days, I stay strictly for the community! We shall all know tomorrow… There are other platforms available these days. I began blogging on Blogger many years ago then found WP. Much better than Blogger but…..

      • Well I am hoping there is an in-between choice like I was told by one of their support people. A Classic Block. I also wonder if the change is on our time or European/UK time.

        • I had the same thought about the time zones. Classic Block? I get it, no thanks. A cheesy way to mask the real thing?? Perhaps what they refer to as a Classic Block is similar to a Plugin 0n the .ORG side of WP??

  2. I have made two posts now with the new system, because I couldn’t find the old one. At the beginning it is difficult to find where all the buttons are. Today I had some problems with photos to get them on the straight line, but I succeded.

    • So then WP lied, they said you can access the old editor, but you apparently can not. I’ll know tomorrow whether or not my blog comes down.

  3. I have tried out using the block editor for a few posts. It took some getting used to but it more or less lets you accomplish the same thing.
    I like the way it lets you positions images better, but the menus on the right side are kind of a confusing mess.

    • Thanks for the info, Jason. Why does WP have to continually tinker with this? How about these people set it up and just leave it alone? I would likely leave WP if I couldn’t access the legacy editor.

        • Like our construction workers here on the freeways, they have been working on the same project for years. Job security. The image alignment has never been an issue for me.

  4. I always use WP Admin to access Classic Editor, but WP has made it difficult to find the Admin page on many templates. In some cases, you may have to type your address into the search bar with an /admin tag to find the page. WP does not make it easy for sure. I wonder why?

      • The template is your blog design, or theme. Some of my WP themes have hidden the Admin tab so I have to type the address in the search bar to locate it. This may be useful to anyone who can’t find their Admin page.


        (Other blog platforms refer to your design, or theme as a template. Since I’ve been on Blogger since 2009, I still refer to them as “templates”.)

          • John, that’s another WP scam. I paid for a Premium theme, and then WP stopped supporting it! They told me that I had to purchase another theme, or choose a free theme. What a racket!

            I have read that users with a Premium Plan, or those with a wp.org account, can install a Classic Editor plug-in, or disable the Gutenberg Editor through Settings>Writing then selecting their preference. (I don’t see that option in my free plan.)

            So, will users have to upgrade to a paid plan in order to continue using the Classic Editor? Is this all about money? Because, the thing is, most users hate the new editor!

            • I pay for my site once per year, we shall see what happens. Indeed via plugins, you can add the old editor.

    • They are stupid. Why? Apparently, WP hosts one-quarter of sites on the net, something like that yet they can’t put together one very usable, user-friendly editor? If in the future I can’t access the legacy editor, my blog will vanish.

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