The New Sago Palms are Planted!

Today, the nursery I hired showed up right on time to plant the new palms I chose several days ago. They did a great job and took care of the old water lines, taking both locations from four to two ejectors. As a minimalist, I think it looks perfect. Very simple and clean looking backyard.

These trees will grow very slowly, just what I want.

The Piggy in The Window

Well, today has been a bit busy around my house with five new ceiling fans being installed (looks great) and two Sago Palm trees being planted in the backyard which finishes off my very minimalist design. They look great too! Damn, I’m good. I’ll snap some photos of them.

The Sagos need water every morning and evening for two weeks, then they should be OK with the volume of water they receive from the irrigation system. Always be sure to drain the very hot water from the hose first though as it will doom the trees!!

So how much is that piggy in the window?

The Girls

Pepper the Shepard and Blondie are so missed! I actually feel a bit angry that It’s not safe and possible for me (or anyone) to travel to Michigan. I really miss my family and these sweet girls. Sadness once again sets in. On a bright note, all of my ceiling fans are being replaced today, and two Sago Palms are being planted in the backyard. Still a good day!

An Old Face

This old Realistic or Radio Shack shortwave receiver is thirty-nine years old and still looks nearly perfect. I thought about taking it outside for some real lighting but decided on the dining room table under the skylight. I’ve never understood the use of the word Realistic. Is it fake?

The Sangean ATS-909 World-Band Receiver

I have owned this very nice receiver for a couple years now as it’s a great way to listen to the Shortwave Radio frequencies. It also tunes the standard AM and FM frequencies too.

It’s portable of course and the receiver sensitivity is second to none in its class. And it makes a nice photo too! As a radio nutter and licensed Ham since 1980, I recommend the ATS 909.

The Mahogany Fire

Yesterday, a wildfire started burning in a campground called Mahogany near Mount Charleston. I searched the local news sources again this morning, I couldn’t find any solid information about how much if any containment was happening.

The major problem for the firefighters is the lack of resources, and the very strong winds we’ve had since yesterday with gusts to fifty-five miles per hour. A recipe for disaster. I hope that today the firefighters up there will make some headway in containing the fire.

I would post a link for you, but there aren’t any good choices. I took these photos from my backyard last eve, I am gladly a very long way from the fire, hence the photos aren’t much to look at. Honestly, I don’t like them.

The New Wheels

Nah, not a photo of the entire truck as I am deep into couch potato mode right now, and it’s incredibly windy and overcast today. Not a good day for creating a new set of photos outside! A high wind advisory is in effect until one AM tomorrow morning. These advisories are rather common here in my opinion. Anyway, I obviously took these photos in my garage without much light. They look great shining in the bright sunshine and drive just as well as the stock wheels.

Circa 1981

A few days ago I came across this old time radio as I was surfing around the internet. I couldn’t resist buying it from someone on eBay as it’s a radio I wish I’d never sold back in 1981, the radio was produced until 1984.

Compared to today’s technology for devices like this one, it’s a dinosaur but I love the old radio! The photo shows what a mess it was before I took plenty of glass cleaner in a bowl, and probably fifty Q-Tips to it.

I was totally amazed at how well this old radio cleaned up, my guess is someone had it in a dirty garage. The darn thing looks not too far from new now. The receiver does work, but I need to get some Tuner Shower, split the case open and wash off the switches from inside.

Rotating them creates a lot of crackling which wipes out most of what little the radio can hear with just one little telescopic antenna! The tuner is strictly AM, SSB and CW. It receives from 150khz to 30mhz. Your basic shortwave radio frequencies.

More to come on this if I can get it cleaned up and sounding better, I can make a short video

Egg Me

Good morning from the valley! I was up and around just before six today and stepped outside with a new portable weather station which told me the temperature at the time was eighty-three degrees. At six AM! One hundred degrees is forecast for today. My egg yolks were too solid again, maybe I should have had a bowl of chili instead… 😂

A Chicken Breast Lunch

Yep, just the chicken breast and a few 50% less sodium Lay’s Classic chips! I ate most of the chicken, the rest goes in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Less sodium chips, yay for Lay’s! Hopping around WordPress today, it came to mind that events around the world are having an effect on the blogging community. My stats have changed in the last two weeks, have yours?