This is not my photo, I grabbed it from the web. This is not my photo but I completely agree with its message. This is my response to the death of an innocent man at the knee of a bad cop. For several days I’ve been stewing over this and I am angry! The racial hatred must end, now! This is not the normal content on Las Vegas Photo Blog but I must speak my mind. This is not a political website, I despise politics, there will be no more of this here.

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  1. It’s a tough call whether to discuss this issue on a photo blog. You certainly don’t want to alienate any of your followers. I think we can all agree that the officer killed George Floyd. I would like to see the other officers charged as well.

    Another photo blog that I follow blamed President Trump. I didn’t want to go there so I didn’t leave a comment. The issue is not so clearly black and white.

    Looting and rioting does not honor Floyd’s memory.

    • Sounds like a hard-left liberal to say that. This is a one-time deal, David, no more. I am so upset with what happened to this man. He did not deserve this. It’s evil. I have several black neighbours, one has a white wife, we all get along just fine!

  2. I don’t think that anyone would argue that all cops are bad. I know cops and they are fantastic people. But, I don’t think that enough is being done to get rid of the few cops that are bad.

    • I so agree, Jason! Somehow these rotten cops should be rooted out like rats. The cops I have met around Las Vegas have all been very nice men and women. The police have always been friends of mine if you take my meaning, and always will be.

      • Yeah, I have a friend who is a detective. I think the world of him. Generally, the police are going to have to make sure that their own house is in order. If they don’t, what recourse to citizens have? Not much.

    • Thank you. There was a shooting here last night among protests. One officer in critical condition. I am so sad for these people and our nation.

  3. I agree with the sign. But people need to get a grip. There were riots in downtown Albuquerque on Sunday night. The rioters smashed windows in every building along Central Ave. (Old Route 66). My office is one block south of Central. Luckily, our block was unscathed, but the windows in the buildings in the block west and east of us were smashed and they smashed the windows in the grocery store behind our building. The riots and the rioters destruction does little to help their cause.

    • It does NOTHING but creates more hate and division, why the hell can’t these people get this straight in their little brains!! An officer was shot here last night and is in critical condition. The slope has become ever more slippery. And the devil is laughing with joy…

    • Hi Richard, thanks! I and my family are all well thank God. Disturbed indeed, a planet in chaos. I hope you and your family are well too my friend. 🙏🏻😎🇬🇧

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