Ride The Freeway

I decided to ride the freeway back home instead of waiting through all of the many traffic lights on the boulevards. Keep an eye peeled aft as you never know when one of those idiots traveling one hundred miles per hour will blow by you. Nearly every time I go out for a drive, I see a driver do something both illegal and ignorant. Today, it was a moron making a left turn at a four-way stop intersection out of turn. Always drive defensively in Las Vegas my friends!

This is the 215 freeway northbound, in the northwest valley.

8 thoughts on “Ride The Freeway

  1. Wonderful skies, John. You’ll be delighted to know that bad drivers are a universal problem. Personally, I wouldn’t risk driving in Sicily – it’s terrifying. And over here, of course, we get the odd person on the wrong side of the road…

  2. It’s still the wild west out in these parts when it comes to driving. The people in cars with California plates who drive the speed limit, follow the traffic laws and blocking traffic out here drive me crazy. I’m one for as few speed limit signs as possible and follow the natural speed of the roads. Out here the marked speed limits are 10 to 15 mph below the natural speeds of the roads. It really causes traffic problems and road rage. If you want to know the natural speed of a road simply follow cops who’s not on the prowl. They always drive 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit out here.

    • I’ve followed LVMPD officers down the freeway here easily that much above legal, Timothy. California sucks on many levels, not always because of the people of course. Driving too slowly is as much a problem as speeding is in my view. These dolts basically cause other drivers who want to drive the actual speed limit a possible dangerous problem. I passed one of these jerks today. In today’s PC world, I suppose some are granted a DL based on skin colour?? Sick.

      • Then there are the people who get in the fast lane and drive slowly because they are environmental justice warriors trying to make other people use less gas or something. All they do is annoy other drivers to the point that some of them have been shot at or been shot because they were annoying crazed drivers with their stupid antics.

        • Is that why?

          Those folks need to be taken off the road before they kill someone by driving far too slow. Too slow is as bad as too fast in my view.

          Enviro-freaks. Trying desperately to save their god, mother earth. Sickos. Probably been brainwashed as a child in the publiK indoctrination system called publiK school system..

    • People are angry, tired, and stressed out. Covid, riots and more only add to the problems. Humans can’t get it right, can we…

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