Another Cycle Complete

This photo was taken a bit before sundown yesterday, but it’s close enough… Today will be another scorcher as the extreme heat warning continues today until eight PM. Today’s high is forecast at 107 degrees with a cooling trend to follow. Apparently, only heat lovers live here. 🔥

7 thoughts on “Another Cycle Complete

  1. Identical weather down in the lower desert. You would feel right at home in the California desert. What I like is the low humidity … 10-15% in the desert compared to 85% on the coast. Yeah, it’s 30-40 degrees cooler in San Diego, but you need gills to breathe. The lower desert is most humid (35%) during the monsoons in August, but the daily average in SD is twice that. It’s really hard to breathe here.

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    • That does sound like up here! 20% humidity just now. When I visit Michigan in summer, the humidity difference is immediately obvious! My ex was from the Costa Mesa area, lived in Michigan a few years with me, she couldn’t handle the humidity in summer or the cold of winter because of her asthma. The humidity up there never bothered me.


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