10 thoughts on “Jaunt

  1. Wait. It’s not a fountain, but flowers grow in the fountain?

    • It’s got to be all about water conservation. Maybe the HOA has trimmed the budget, but residents get that info! It had flowers last summer…

        • I sincerely do not like this particular Home Owners Association. This has much less to do with my immediate neighbours than it does with those who take my money once per year. There are far too many shitty-looking yards. When married in the last divorce???, that HOA was doing what it should do!

  2. I heard on the TV today or yesterday that the Las Vegas Casinos are open again. Is this true? Are they on a partial/reduced capacity opening? Is anything else in your town open yet, restaurants, stores, etc.?
    The stores here are biginning to open, mall with 50% capacity, same with restaurants. We are not going back into the public, though, we can’t afford to get the virus. It would probably kill me.

    • A solid decision to stay put! Yes, some locations are opening again which is fine but yours truly very rarely visits the Strip. I will continue to stay in hibernation as much as possible. I too am in the high risk group…

    • No, it’s at the entrance to my subdivision, made sure there are no identifying things in the photo of course. There are usually flowers growing in the fountain.

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