The Finger Slicer

Two days ago, I was slicing up some veggies on the cutting board and cut a little too much! I darn near drove myself to a local satellite ER but opted to wait and see what I could do first. The bleeding was really bad as I’ve been taking 81 milligrams of aspirin every day since 2002. I did get the bleeding to stop finally, thanks to three bandaids.

Yesterday, it got a good dousing with H2O2. It got another pour of it this morning and is feeling a bit better. This one will take a long time to heal, the cut is rather deep. This is bad enough, add to this my being type two diabetic! I will keep a very sharp eye on this, any sign of infection, I’m heading for the hospital. I hope you’re not grossed out…

22 thoughts on “The Finger Slicer

  1. Be carefull dear John, keep a very close eye on it,… but seems that you did well after cutting. I don’t like sharp knifes… always I cut my fingers too. I did a few days ago. My love he always makes whet the knives…Actually I am used to use my knives without whetting… so I hide the whetstone! Anyway be careful. Love, nia

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    • I keep a very close eye on it, and how it feels, no real pain at all. I’ve poured H2O2 on it a few times today now that it’s stopped leaking. Damn stupid accident! That knife doesn’t look as sharp as it really is, deadly sharp. I was really close to heading for the ER.

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    • Sorry about that, Anneli. I thought about that happening before uploading the photo. Nasty, deep cut and a damn stupid accident. I need a better solution for cutting certain things. By the way, that spelling application has helped me correct lots of spelling errors. 😎

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    • I don’t even have a damn colander! Great idea, Dave. Next time I’m near the proper store, I’ll grab them… Really stupid thing for me to do.


      • I finally got tired of burning myself whenever I drained scalding water from a stew pot full of vegetables so I finally bought a colander.

        Who knew? It’s just one of those things you don’t think about. Now I use the colander everyday.

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        • I’m certainly not thinking of getting one until now. Making spaghetti the other day, I use heat pads, of course, to pin down the glass top but leave a small space for the scalding water to fall out. Not good!


          • I know … oh, how do I know. Even with a good technique, the pads and glass top can get very precarious. Lots of pasta has gone down the drain when the glass top begins to slip out of my hands. Pouring the noodles and water directly into the colander is simply genius! People have been using colanders for 3400 years so why did it take so long for me to buy one?

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            • 3400 years?! I have possibly looked for one in the grocery store but they have limited options. Need to hit a store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Tons of choices.


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