Dead End Road

I have uploaded photos from this location before, sorry! The stripped car setting on the ground has been hauled away but all of the graffiti is still there, more grunge in the next upload. How nice that someone dumped their gas grille along the road, dipshits!

6 thoughts on “Dead End Road

    • Terrible, or lack of, parenting? Drug use, booze or both plus whatever else… As an adopted son, I have met most of my ‘other’ family. It wasn’t all good…

      • But something is missing. Why wouldn’t a person want to keep their world” nice? Even if they’re on drugs or whatever. Maybe they’re angry at the world and think this is a way of getting back at everyone. I don’t know….

        • A great question, Anneli. The world seems to be going very slowly mad to me as I age. This lends ever-more credibility to the Holy Bible for me. It’s been a very long slippery-slope to get here.

    • I do toooo!! I thought ‘poor thing’ when walking away. Maybe I should go get it and wash it! 😂

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