Popcorn Bird

This little cutie was photographed in Calico Basin about one year ago during one of my jaunts into the desert. It’s a fun place to photograph both birds and those cute little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. I did not feed the bird the popcorn, nor would I feed them bread, it’s not good for them! I want to head back out there, it should be no problem but it’s comfy at home.

12 thoughts on “Popcorn Bird

  1. Awh, such a cutie! I’m wondering, is natural, fat-free, unsalted popcorn bad for birds? It’s never even crossed my mind to feed them popcorn, but isn’t popcorn like seeds… just popped? (I had a hamster as a child and all of the seed pet food mixes contained corn kernels). An interesting thought for today šŸ˜€

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