18 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Beautiful photograph, I loved both of them, how clear the water… fascinated me. Thank you dear John, Love, nia

  2. Useful looking bridge. There was a bridge that crossed the drainage ditch when I was a kid that we called the “rickety bridge”. I’ll just say it wasn’t as solid as the one on your parent’s property.

    • Thank you! I miss this property so much, I’m usually visiting by now but with the virus still happening, I’m staying home.

        • Yes! I’ve been in the Yooper, or Michigan’s upper peninsula many times. The Finnish accent is strong up there. I suppose the land and climate are the same or similar to the homeland.

          • I think so ,too. Both have four seasons, and because of that the nature must have been familiar. Good to hear they have still our accent. Some Finns moved to Brazil at that time, but they couldn’t live there and the reason mostly was the climate. They tried to cultivate the same fruits and veggies as here, but is was, of course, impossible.

            • That’s a long way from Finland! Too humid and hot for your northern plants. Their English is fine yet the accent is definitely there.

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