It’s Burger Time!

Yep, once again I’ve whipped up two delish burgers built with the 96/4 lower fat ground beef. And once again it’s far too windy to use the Weber grill in the backyard, grrrr!! At least this time I’ve got an onion to top off the burgers, yummy! I love to eat raw onions.

I was going to do a rare thing and stop by McDeath but then remembered I have fries and beef at home. Probably better for me than Ronald’s salt-saturated beef and fries. I drove out of the city briefly this morning to Calico Basin for some photos, those are up next.

8 thoughts on “It’s Burger Time!

  1. I worked at McDonald’s for years when I was a teenager. Back then, at least, it was not uncommon for customers to ask for fries with no salt, and we’d happily accommodate. Less common, but also happily accommodated, were requests for the beef patties to be unsalted. The processes have changed quite a bit in the almost thirty years since I worked there, but if you’re ever again tempted by the Golden Arches, be sure to ask for no salt if that’s what you want. You’ll probably have to wait a bit longer while they cook your order fresh, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


    • No, that never crossed my little mind in the store. If it isn’t on my list, odds are that I’ll not get it. I shop like a guy, get in, get it done, and split!


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